Juice Lifestyle Events



‘Juice’ can be defined in many ways. On the ‘street’ it means to provide power, to make something lively in other words to ‘Juice it up’. It also means the inherent quality of something bigger, its essence.

Our JUICE is the essence of the lifestyle. The Juice team plans lifestyle events. They are invitation only. If you need to know what THE ‘lifestyle’ is then you have arrived in the wrong place.

A JUICE event extracts the goodness and serves it up as 100% freshly squeezed fun for select groups of lifestyle couples.

A JUICE event also represents quality, when we use the word ‘luxury’ it is because we know its meaning. Juice events are in unique locations and opulent surroundings, they combine a programme of entertainment to nourish, revitalise and exhilarate mind, body and soul.

A JUICE event is passion based and includes only the finest ingredients.