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Our events are for mixed couples only, we do not accept submissions from single people.

To receive regular news and invitations then please register here, once your registration is confirmed then you are good to go! You will have access to all information and be able to book (subject to availability).

We NEVER share your information and we NEVER contact you if you do not want to be contacted.

We recently changed the name of this registration area from ‘VIP’ access to ‘Community’ access. This doesn’t mean that all members are not VIP’s to us of course! But we prefer the idea of a community. Too many people, when thinking of a VIP area, presume it is an area where status is defined by youth, beauty, wealth or social status. Juice is about none of these things, you cannot define the juice community by age, race, shape, profession, wealth, or any other label. Juice people are intelligent & open-minded… they defy labels, they know that a ‘good book’ is judged on the full story, not the picture on the cover, or the price on the back!!!

So, put your assumptions behind you, free your mind, register here, get in touch and let us talk you through the Juice experience before you decide to book 😉


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